Remote Help
What is wrong with your computer? Don't know? Let us do a free diagnostic on it to figure out the problem free of charge. That's right FREE. Drop it off, we run the diagnostic and give you a quote. If you don't like it, its ok. You pick it up and you don't owe us a dime. So what do you really got to lose?

We repair laptops, desktops and even cellphones. Most services can be ready in as little as 2 days.

Computer Repairs
1. Your computer starts to operate at a slower speed than usual
2. Your pc becomes the victim of frequent freezes and crashes
3. Your computer reboots itself continuously after a few minutes of operation
4. Most programs and applications will not function properly.
5. Some disk drives may become inaccessible
6. Your pc displays unknown error messages frequently
7. Desktop menu's and various dialogue boxes may become distorted
8. New unknown icons appear on your desktop which are usually related to pornography or gambling
Cellphone Repair:
We can repair your iPhone. Whether you carry the latest model or you are still attached to to your iPhone3, we can take care of your trusted friend and bring it back to life. If you prefer one of Samsung’s popular smartphones, we have the expertise to repair it as well. We fix all models including the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S lines. Do you have a Sony Xperia? Our technicians can help you with repairs for any model in this diverse line of phones. Let us take care of your Sony and get it back into working condition. HTC is another favorite brand among many smartphone owners. Whether your HTC runs on Android or Windows OS, we can repair the damages and restore it to the high-functioning device you count on. If you are a loyal Blackberry fan, you can also bring your phone to us when it needs attention. We can fix your touch screen phone or traditional keyboard model. Click Here
Tablet Repair:
We can repair any tablet. Apple, Samsung, RCA, Google and many more. Price vaires depending on damage, model and brand. Click Here